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Long-term bedridden for potential complications and prevent?

Time:2011-05-14 15:33:34

Long-term bedridden for potential complications and prevent?

Prolonged bed patients, because the body is quality is poor, often accompanied by high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and other important organs disorders, prone to various complications. In household care bed before the prevention of complications will appear to family and doctors bring many nursing burden, it will be difficult to effectively prevent these complications, and once occurred after will endanger the family life, household care for our bed thoroughly solved this medical problems!

A, falling multiplicative pneumonia

Prolonged bed, respiratory secretions row not to come out, fall in the lung deposition can cause pulmonary infection, within. Multi-functional nursing bed combination lifting the function can make a patient back to a sitting position: to keep vital breath increase respiratory tract unobstructed promote sputum eduction, regularly take back. For patients with every time hand slapped back, promote sputum eduction.

Second, lower limb vein thrombosis bedridden for venous return slow, easy to lower thrombosis, jams vein, appear limb swelling, pain. Blood clots can fall off, go along the line, causing vascular vital organs embolism. Multi-functional electric nursing bed bended leg circulation training (Angle adjustable) can undertake waist, legs and feet muscle, ankle training, avoid muscle atrophy and joints, muscles of a rigid vasomotion activities exercise makes muscle contraction, diastole, like repeatedly, promote blood flow as pump, prevent the lower limb vein thrombosis.

Three, urinary tract infection and stone long-term bedridden for systemic skeleton demineralization obviously, a lot of calcium salt from the kidneys. If water is not much, calcium salt easy in kidney or bladder stone formation or cause infection.

Multi-functional electric nursing bed a side tumbling, sit and long posture and sports training function can make a patient change position. Prevent calcium salt deposits, reduce calculi occur. Thoracolumbar fracture patient, compressibility timing assist emancipated; Paraplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, in traction or surgical treatment may be appropriately sitting up after. These in preventing complications in to have the important meaning.

Four, bedsore

Long-term bedridden for easy skin, crushed formed bedsore. The elderly, 1978, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, action inconvenience patients are more likely to happen, should pay special attention to. Multi-functional nursing bed electric nursing bed can give full play to the patient's subjective initiative. Patient use bed back, music leg and lifting side tumbling function active pretty waist, carry buttock, is advantageous to function exercise, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of bedsore. Can automatic emancipated, massage. Electric nursing bed assist patient timing, to alleviate the low midline sacrococcygeal region turn of the skin, effectively prevent bedsore pressure happening.

Multi-functional nursing bed has the long-term bedridden for patients, the life cannot provide for oneself is a time of family, small investment, but for future life and life quality is a qualitative fly!!